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Next Zen Solution is one of the leading SEO organizations in Kolkata with the superlative promotional strategy, conceptualizing and creative thoughts for getting a higher rank on Google.

Result Oriented SEO Services In Kolkata


With our proven technique of research for industries and competitions to get the result-driven keywords and marketing strtaegy


With our result-oriented On-Page and Off-Page optimization process you'll get a better ranking of your website


With us you can see the improvement of your site ranking gradually to the top and get extremely high traffic and conversion

Get The Full Potential of Your Website From The Best SEO Company In Kolkata

Next Zen Solution is one of the rare organizations that does not follow the common SEO practices blindly. We believe that Search Engine Optimization is the innovation of creative things rather than only technical staff. As per our thinking, we use creativity and innovation in our SEO strategies that output a great result for our clientele and put their sites at higher positions in Google and Bing search engines.

We don’t only look up for the ranking of websites like other companies. We also take care of the real-time queries that turn into your future customer. Whether your aim is to get the increased real traffic or conversion or both, Next Zen Solution is the only organization in Kolkata that offers Local, Global as well as E-Commerce SEO services that creates limitless organic traffic and great ROI.

Approach That Turns A Leading SEO Company In Kolkata

There is always a scope to get new customers for small business firms, giant business firms, a retailer, an educational firm, a local business or international brand. Nowadays everyone uses the internet and that creates a great scope to reach more people with their products or services. In such a situation, you will undoubtedly think about the advantages of Search Engine Optimization and SEO administration in Kolkata. There are a large number of online clients meandering on the web, searching for the products or services that you provide however you’re missing them only for the way that your website doesn’t show up before their eyes.

Thus, you require an experienced SEO company in Kolkata to get your site to appear before them. We offer the ideal, traffic-driven positioning and ability in SEO activities with a conceptualized and characterized set of various positioning systems to bring your site under the spotlight. Our experienced SEO professional makes the invention for you to get your site ranks higher

Rational Market Research

As a leading SEO company in Kolkata, we do the best market research before starting any project. With our industry proven market research strategy, we try to evaluate what's the current demand of the market and what we do with the utmost precision. We do the market research to get your website rank higher in search engines.

Unparallel On-Page Optimization

Architecture and content is the most important part of a website to get a higher rank in Google. As a leading SEO provider in Kolkata, we do this job with more responsibility. With the proven strategy of On-page SEO optimization your site will get a higher rank in search engines.

Quality Link Building

Link Building plays an important role in getting the site rank higher in search engines. Best SEO organizations like us try to implement the quality backlinks not the quantity of the backlinks as Google always verifies the authority of the websites that give you the link.

Transparent Reporting

As you are paying for the SEO job, you have the full right to get a transparent report about your SEO activity. We provide a weekly basis report to give you the details of our activity. Since you have faith in us and we are doing the job with responsibility, it is our duty also to give you the full report.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the first and foremost step to get a higher and stable ranking of your website in search engines. Our specialized SEO team members optimize your website with all the points covered for on-page optimization

Responsive Issues

Alt Tag Issues

URL Structure

Blog Writing

Landing Page Building

Page Loading Timings

Off-Page Optimization

We are the master in the following fields – link building, content sharing and other off-page jobs that will make the trust for your site. Try our industry-proven off-page strategy to get the best results

Content Sharing

Creation of Backlink

Various Types Of Content

Forum Discussion Posting

SEO For All Business

Our SEO methodologies are acclaimed around the world. At Next Zen Solution, we convey the global SEO practices to use you with the best SEO service in Kolkata. Since we are a globally acclaimed and performing SEO agency, we consolidate various sorts of SEO systems to rank any sort of website!

Local SEO

For doing Local SEO Next Zen Solution is the best destination for you. Local SEO will have increased exposure in the future. In the current scenario, it is also useful.


According to Google, 46% of the people searches local contents

ECommerce SEO

Since 1000 of E-Commerce websites are built every day, they need a good SEO practice to get their site rank higher in Google

43% of the people do the online research for their desired product even if they are in store also.

Enterprise SEO

Next Zen Solution has the renowned team of dedicated professionals to boost the ranking of enterprise website

Search Engine gets 93% of all traffic

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Confused? What is the functionality of Search Engine Optimization? In short, SEO is the organic process to get high traffic on your website and high search result ranking. Organic means the process to get traffic without paying for it like Pay Per Click ads, among other methods. There is a wide variety of strategies for SEO to get the desired goal - some of them are more effective than others. This process may include creation of content for your website with the keywords related to your industry to keep a strong presence across various social media platforms. The strategies are changing regularly as the various search engines continuously update their algorithms.

Domain Authority(DA) is a metric, coined by MOZ which is more responsible for the search ranking of a website. Domain Authority gives the ranking of a website from 1-100(1 is the worst and 100 is the best). With higher Domain Authority you'll have more chances to get higher ranking on various searc


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